A multi-year strategic collaboration agreement between the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA), the KIOS Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE), and the RISE Research Center on Interactive Media, Smart systems and Emerging technologies was signed on September 20th 2019, at the CYTA Headquarters.


The collaboration agreement is for a period of seven years and aims to reinforce CYTA’s technological superiority, by laying the foundation for a new dynamic approach to innovation, research, and development through the use of information and communications technology.


The research collaboration agreement between the KIOS CoE and CYTA is the outcome of the participation of CYTA in the KIOS Innovation Hub and focuses on the creation of pilot IoT (Internet of Things) applications, models and tools through the innovative use of information and communications technology. Moreover, through this collaboration, intelligent algorithms will be created by the KIOS research team, which in turn will enhance the decision making of the organization in relation to its customer service.


At the agreement singing event, the CEO of CYTA Mr. Andreas Neocleous emphasized that the organization invests in research and innovation activities and cultivates research collaborations with partners and research centers, such as the KIOS CoE and RISE, with the ultimate goal to provide integrated solutions to its customers and make the most of the organization’s potential and capabilities.


The Director of the KIOS CoE, Professor Marios Polycarpou, said that the Center places increased emphasis on the establishment of research collaborations with organizations involved in the monitoring, control, management and security of critical infrastructures, such as CYTA, with the aim of improving their operations. This in turn, he added, will result in economic and technological growth for CYTA and will substantially benefit its customers.


It is foreseen that this collaboration agreement will help CYTA to address the constant challenges arising in the telecommunications sector and to remain the main player and a catalyst in the digital transformation of Cyprus.


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