The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) of the University of Cyprus, in collaboration with Imperial College London organized a Graduate Summer School 2018, for young professionals, Ph.D. students and recent graduates.


summer school


The Summer School entitled «KIOS Graduate Summer School on Intelligent Systems and Control» took place on 3-7 September 2018 at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, Cyprus. The Summer School, modelled on international best-practice, provided intensive training to doctoral students or early-career researchers helping them to enrich their research skills and experience.


The event attracted around 100 PhD students and researchers from Cyprus and abroad (Greece, Germany, Denmark, France, Ukraine and United Kingdom) who are working in related areas.


Two world-recognized experts in their fields, Professor Sergios Theodoridis (University of Athens) and Professor Alberto Isidori (Sapienza University of Rome), led the Summer School.


The 5-day programme included, among others, lectures, practical exercises, laboratory courses, daily poster sessions, a Machine-Learning Hackathon as well as social activities. The programme offered participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills as they actively participated in the scientific research process alongside internationally recognized scientists and mentors.


The KIOS Graduate Summer School was organized by the KIOS CoE in the framework of the programme «Horizon 2020 Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation - Teaming Phase 2» of European Union.

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