The KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) of the University of Cyprus and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) presented the findings of their first year of research collaboration, during a conference at the EAC Headquarters.


Four projects were undertaken by KIOS CoE on behalf of EAC and were related to the optimization of the EAC generation, transmission and distribution systems. Specifically, the research activities of the four projects concerned the following topics:


1) The monitoring of the low-voltage distribution grid in real time, aiming at improving the integration of photovoltaics and optimizing the operation of the electricity grid.

2) The development of a vision-based aerial monitoring platform (drone) for the inspection of power distribution lines (Medium Voltage - MV) and the detection of obstacles (e.g., branches) and insulation faults. 

3) The characterization and classification of consumer loads in order to define profile classes based on the annual energy consumption of consumers in Cyprus.

4) The identification and calculation of erroneous transmission line parameters.


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Michalis Komodromos, Member of the Board of Directors of the EAC, thanked all the participants from both organizations that have contributed to the completion of the research projects on behalf of the Chairman of EAC Andreas Marangos. He underlined the importance that EAC places on Research and Development activities and the prospects that are created in relation to the competitiveness and growth of today‚Äôs enterprises. Through this research collaboration, EAC is exploiting the state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise in order to achieve its goals, such as the optimization of its operations, the reduction of cost, the minimization of risk and an overall better customer experience.


The Director of the KIOS Research Center of Excellence, Professor Marios Polycarpou, commented that the successful collaboration between KIOS and EAC contributes to the creation of a research and innovation ecosystem in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with emphasis on the Monitoring, Control and Security of Critical Infrastructures in Cyprus. 


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This ecosystem will link universities, technology companies and government agencies. This collaborative network will bring new employment opportunities for young people, as well as new ideas for economic growth in Cyprus.


The Research Collaboration Agreement between EAC and KIOS CoE begun in September 2017 and is the outcome of the participation of EAC in the KIOS Innovation Hub.

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