Stella Hadjistassou   Stella K. Hadjistassou has earned a Ph.D. in Rhetoric/Composition and Linguistics from Arizona State University. She also holds an MTESOL degree and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She specializes in Applied Linguistics, Computer-mediated Communications, Social Virtualities, and Cultural-historical Activity Theory (CHAT). Stella has taught multiple conventional, hybrid, and online courses in English as a Second Language, Sociolinguistics, English Composition, Technical and Professional Communication, and Grammar. She has also published widely in the areas of CMC and CHAT, including “An Activity Theory Exegesis on Conflict and Contradictions in Networked Discussions and Feedback Exchanges," “Situated Learning,” and “Emerging Feedback in Two English as a Second Language (ESL) Writing Forums.” She has also received or collaborated in various locally- and EU-funded projects related to social virtualities, CMC, and CHAT. At the current stage, Stella is leading a group of European professionals and scholars in devising an evaluation plan for analyzing the impact of newly developed courses in the Second Life software. At the same time, she is devising educational material for a newly-devised island in Second Life in order to promote learning of complex key engineering terms in the leaners’ target language, English.